A Church You
Can Believe in


At NewChurch we know you want to feel connected to God, and that you're living a life of purpose. In order to do that, you need a church you can believe in and a community you can belong to. The problem is too many churches seem lame and irrelevant which makes you feel disconnected from God, isolated and without a sense of meaning.

We believe going to church should never be a waste of time and ought to be something you and your family look forward to every week. We understand what it feels like to drag yourself (or your kids) to church which is why we started NewChurch in the first place.

If that makes sense to you: JOIN US THIS SUNDAY morning for a great worship experience, GET CONNECTED to God and everything He has for you (via small groups, serving, podcasts, events, and more), and FIND PURPOSE by focusing on living a life of meaning, hope, joy and love.

So, JOIN US THIS SUNDAY so you can stop wasting your Sundays and instead get connected to God with a sense of purpose through the power of a local church.


Worship God.
Love people.


We help you make sense of
this chaotic and lonely world.


NewChurch Promises

  1. Church will never be a waste of time.

  2. Worship will not be boring, fake or awkward,

  3. Instead it will be enjoyable and engaging—the music will rock.

  4. Preaching will be relevant, practical and
    to God's Word.

  5. Everyone is welcome and will be treated with love and respect.

  6. We won't judge you as if we don't need
    God's grace, too.

  7. We will help you make sense out of the world.

  8. You will leave with more joy and more hope than when you got here.

  9. These promises are based on God's faithfulness and not anything we bring to the table.

  10. Jesus will be central to everything we do,
    Who along with the Father and the Spirit will be praised and glorified.

A way to find meaning, joy and hope.



Learn while you drive, workout or mow your lawn.

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