We're really glad you're here. We want to promise you a few things:

  1. Church will never be a waste of time.

  2. Worship will not be boring, fake or awkward—

  3. Instead it will be enjoyable and engaging.

  4. Preaching will be relevant, practical and
    true to God's Word.

  5. All are welcome to join us and will be treated with love and respect.

  6. We won't judge you as if we don't need
    God's grace, too.

  7. We will help you make sense out of the world.

  8. You will leave with more joy and more hope than when you arrived.

  9. These promises are based on God's faithfulness and not any merit of our own.

  10. Jesus will be central to everything we do,
    Who along with the Father and the Spirit will be praised and glorified.

Digital Guest Card: Please let us know you were here, how you found us, and how we can serve you. 

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