A New Calling...

 Peter & Tara

(Written by Tara...) Many of you reading this know us well. You know that we have been serving in church ministry for almost 20 years. We love God’s church and we love to share His love with people. It is our passion and our heart. Almost a year ago God called us away from our previous church. We left that position with not much direction as to what was next. We only knew with certainty that he wanted us to begin to minister to people in our community and to do it in our home. We weren’t sure what that would look like or how it would come together for us. We only knew that God was calling us to make the change. Unsurprisingly, over the past 11 months, God has been faithful and has guided us down a path to make it very clear where he wanted us to be and what he wanted us to do.

We went to worship at NewChurch last April and about half way through the service we knew we were where we needed to be. We were looking for a church where we could connect with others, be encouraged, and challenged in our faith. We found that at NewChurch. We were still planning to start some sort of ministry out of our home, but we knew we needed a home church with which to connect. As time passed and we had many dinners and conversations with the Pastor, Frank Hart, and it became very clear that the ministry God had put on our hearts was something that NewChurch also had on their hearts. Frank asked us if we would stay at NewChurch and lead just such home groups there at NewChurch. Our entire family was already confident that NewChurch was where God wanted us. We were so confident that God wanted us to serve there that Peter turned down other full-time ministry positions to stay at NewChurch. We knew God had opened a door and we were so excited about it.

In November, NewChurch (through their mother church Oikos) decided to offer Peter an official call to serve at NewChurch. Peter and Tara will be serving together and will lead this small group home/neighborhood-based ministry, called Scattered Church.

God laid on our heart for us to seek missionary support from our loved ones and friends in the church community. We are asking that you would prayerfully consider supporting us for the next few years.  There are so many ways that you can support us. Most importantly, we always covet your prayers and would love for you to lift NewChurch, our family, and the people God brings us to minister to and partner with.

Secondly, we are seeking financial support.  Because NewChurch is a church plant, finances are very limited. We are a mission congregation. We are seeking to raise one part time salary of $40,000 per year (as God is leading Peter to continue to work as a service tech in residential AC/Heating). There are many ways you can do that…

  • You can make a one-time donation.
  • You can commit to sponsoring us every month.
  • You can commit to a certain amount annually, or you can just surprise us with support when God lays it on your heart. 

No matter what, please continue to pray for us and this new adventure in faith.  We are so excited and feel so blessed that God is giving us this incredible opportunity.

To make a donation via check…If you want a tax receipt, make the check payable to “NewChurch” leave the memo line empty, include a quick note that you request the funds go to support the part-time salary for Peter Bergman and you would like a tax receipt. Then mail to… NewChurch, 19751 Coppervine LN Houston, TX 77084

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