Things to believe:

We are Christian. There is a lot of negative baggage with that word these days. Followers of Jesus are known more for what we are against than what we are for, we are known more for what we hate than for loving people. NewChurch would like to change that.

  • We believe that men, women, and children are rescued from the effects of sin only by the underserved mercy and grace of God.

  • We believe that through faith—a relationship of dependence upon Jesus that God Himself gives us—forgiveness and new life become ours.

  • We believe God's Word stands over us as ultimate. In it He gives us the rule and norm for all belief and through it makes us aware of sin, fills us with faith in Jesus, and guides us in faith-filled living.

Things to CONFESS:

The words of the Apostles' Creed, along with the Nicene and Athanasian Creed, have served as a summary of Spirit-filled and scriptural belief since the earliest days of Christianity. They summarize what Christians have always confessed when gathered around God's Word in the name of God's Son—and they are the truths that we believe, teach, and confess at NewChurch.

We are a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation. Rev Frank Hart is a Lutheran Pastor and church planter in partnership with the Texas District. If you’re not very familiar with what it means to be Lutheran, it simply means that we accept the scriptural truths that inspired the reformation of the Christian Church in the 16th century that led to a renewed focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a result we uphold an extravagant and mysterious view of God's love: that people are saved purely by God's grace through faith alone—not by anything we do. We believe that God is so loving and powerful that He is actively working through His Word as well as saving and sustaining sinful men, women and children through His mysterious gifts of baptism, the Lord's Supper and proclaiming the promises that are only found in Jesus. Billy Graham once called the Lutheran Church in America the "sleeping giant," implying that if it ever woke up, the USA would experience revival. At NewChurch, we like to think we’re doing our part to awaken. Here’s a great book that summarizes what Lutherans believe in a fun and accessible way: Being Lutheran by Trevor Sutton

F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked things about NewChurch)

What are you going to do when you’re not a new church anymore?
You’re funny. We’re not called NewChurch because because we’re a new church, or because we’re trying to be a new kind of church. We believe every Christian is made new in Christ. Since we’re hoping to reach people who don’t know Jesus yet, we’re NewChurch. Get it?

Why is the music so loud?
It’s not, you’re too old. Just kidding. We’re actually very careful to keep the volume as low as possible and at an optimal level for singing along. But it’s rock music, so there’s that.

Are you always going to meet in a school?
We hope not. We’d love to have our own place someday. The vision is to have a restaurant that’s open all week, has great food and drinks—a place that’s perfectly setup for us to also worship on Sundays. We think that’d be awesome! NewChurch Pub? NewChurch Cafe? New-fil-A?

Why don’t you do church like other people do?
I don’t know—because we’re not other people, I guess. We’re trying to be faithful to what God is calling us to do in reaching and ministering to the people in this community. Other people can go to other churches, that’s fine with us.

What’s the deal with the liturgical stuff you do? It seems catholic.
First we were too rock n roll and now we’re too traditional—gosh! We think some of the ancient prayers and creeds are beautiful and add mystery to worship. We’re very deliberate to incorporate timeless elements into our service so that our people are formed in their faith by our time together on Sunday morning. We’re not Roman Catholic though.

Why do you play rock music? Why not hymns?
You’re really worried about this music thing, aren’t you? First, we love hymns and sing them all the time—just accompanied by a rock band. Second, we think worship should be an expression of the culture where the church is located—not a remnant of a culture from hundreds of years ago. We play hymns, modern worship songs and whatever we believe helps us to praise God faithfully—but it’s probably going to sound like classic rock. We think classic rock rocks.

When is communion?
We typically celebrate Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month. Please contact Pastor Frank if you have questions concerning what we believe about the Lord’s Supper.

What are the steps to join NewChurch in membership?
Membership means you call NewChurch home and are ready to step up and help us do this ministry that God has trusted us with. When you’re ready to do that, let Pastor Frank know—we’ll figure it out from there.

Do you have Sunday school?
Yes. Sunday mornings at 9am.

  • NewChurch Revolution – A Bible and theology (by Kemper Crabb).

  • Foundations – Exploring what the church believes (by Pastor Frank).

  • How to Stay Christian in School – Preparing high school and college students to keep their faith in our increasingly secular culture (by Ryan Birsinger).

  • Youth Revolution – The teaching of Jesus for young people (by Peter Bergman).

Is childcare available?
Yes. For 1 to 3 year old children.

What should I wear?
No shirt, no shoes, no service! Also pants—please wear pants. Actually, we don’t really care about shoes. Seriously though, wear whatever you want. Shorts, crocks, formal gown, tux—you can come dressed as Spider-Man if you want.

Is NewChurch different from other LCMS churches?
The worship service will feel different but we are not different in theology. We confess without reservation the teachings found in the Book of Concord because we believe they are drawn from God’s Word and are a true and binding exposition of Holy Scripture.