“Match My Gift” Campaign


Bottom line: A generous family has pledged up to $200,000 to NewChurch for us to use in a Matching Gift Fundraising Campaign. I would like you to consider making a contribution to NewChurch knowing it will be doubled during this campaign. We have the opportunity to turn 200k in to as much as 400k!

What can my gifts do?

We will use this money toward the public launch of NewChurch. For example, it will allow us to purchase stage, sound, lights, screens and chairs for our worship services as well as allow us to make other strategic moves and initiate important programs as we grow. (A detailed plan is available at NewChurchTexas.com/plan.)

How can I participate?

Check: Make the check out to "NewChurch." Write "Match My Gift" on the memo line and drop it in the offering on Saturday Night or mail to: NewChurch 19751 Coppervine LN Houston, TX 77084

Cash: Place the money in an envelope marked "Match My Gift" and drop it in the offering.

Online: Click on "Give" and choose "Match My Gift" as the option.

Stocks: If you would like to give stock or bonds as a gift to the ministry please contact Rachel Ryder.

Pledge: We will also accept pledge cards during the campaign for those who would like to take advantage of the matching funds but need to defer the timing of their gift.


We will collect gifts and pledges over the next six weeks, On September 12th we will announce the outcome of our campaign.

The Story

Yesterday: In February of 2015, several people independently asked Frank Hart if he would be interested in starting a new church in the Katy area. Eight people met at his house to pray about the idea and discuss the possibility. In a very short time we had a place to meet, a church name and a vision for what we believe God is leading us to do.

Today: We began meeting on Saturday nights at The Lab athletic facility for a time of informal worship and fellowship—a time of singing, Bible study, prayer and sharing a meal together. It has been very low-fi and we're not trying to impress anyone with our lack of production and lawn chairs, but we have been having a blast. We've gathered together twenty-three weeks in a row and usually have sixty to seventy people of all ages attending. God has provided us with this wonderful opportunity, allowing us to move forward with what He’s called us to do sooner than we had originally planned.

Tomorrow: There's a growing excitement about what God is doing with our fledgling NewChurch. He's given us amazing encouragement and resources, as well as some pretty big ambitions. As soon as a few key pieces are in place we will set a date and have a big public launch. We hope to be a new kind of church built on some very old ideas. We are called to be a ministry that worships God and loves people, a church that has great music and interesting, useful messages, but also has a passion for helping people actually follow Jesus and maybe becoming a little more like Him.

Your Part: Ask God how you can partner with us and what He would have you do to help us. Maybe you can make a donation to this Matching Gift Campaign, maybe you can show up, roll up your sleeves and help us do the work, or maybe you can join us in prayer thanking God for all that He has done and will continue to do through NewChurch.