This week’s theme for HangTime is “Favorites” of those that served and sacrificed for our freedom. It’s Memorial Day weekend, let us never forget....
See you Sunday...

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Baby Bottle Blessings is an easy and fun way that several NewChurch families are helping Pregnancy Help Center, an organization that helps women facing an unexpected pregnancy.
If you have one of the special bottles, send us a pic of where you’ve got it. How’s the fund raising going? Post on our Facebook page or email Donna.
If your bottle is full, feel free to bring it in early or bring your bottles on Father’s Day!

Here’s a quick video that talks about Pregnancy Help Center…
Baby Bottle Blessings


Summer Youth Mission Trip

July 14th - 20th

For current 7th - 12th graders

Talk to Peter or email him for all the important info

Registration Form

HangTime Helpers Needed — See Donna
If you hear laughter in the kitchen during HangTime, it’s probably the HangTime team. We have lots of fun and you could too, when you join a team. We currently need help with the first week of the month. Just that first week. This is a simple, practical way to help your church while making good friends. (It’s only once a month.)

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Scattered / Missional Communities
Small groups are where it's at. We call it "Scattered Ministry" and it's happening NOW. Fun, food, fellowship, discipleship, community service, care ministry.


Name *
Please send me info on Scattered Groups. Location, times, what they're all about, etc.

Sunday School (For Youth & Adults)
Revolutionary Bible studies on Sunday morning before worship. From 9:00am until 9:45am. In order to share God's love and grace with the people of west Houston we have to be steeped in God's Word.
Come and let the Word change you.
Adult class - Kemper Crabb.
Youth class - Peter Bergman.
High School & College - Ryan Birsinger (NEW! Starting Dec 2)
Foundations Class - Pastor Frank Hart (NEW! Starting Dec 2)

Kemper Crabb's Patreon Site
Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to have a sustainable income and retain creative control.  For Kemper, we are utilizing this platform to grant people access to his teaching, and to enable him to spend more time developing deep theological truths and putting those within reach of regular people, like you and me.  To become a patron and assist Kemper in his ministry please visit 

Aristoi Classical Academy — Thank You!
We are very grateful to Aristoi Classical Academy for their generous cooperation and partnership in allowing NewChurch to rent space for worship.