Join us Sunday - 9AM

How To Stay Christian in School

Youth Bible Study — Peter Bergman & Ryan Birsinger
For 6th-8th Grade, High School & College students.
This is a very important class for our students. They will discuss how to survive the attack of secular faithlessness in our culture and educational institutions. They will also make lifelong friends who can help them remain faithful. MOM and DAD, please make sure your kids make it to this important class.
(The class separates according to age levels).


Adult Bible Study — Pastor Frank Hart
For anyone who is a member or curious about becoming a member. We don't require anyone to take a "membership class" before becoming members of NewChurch. We think of it as a lifelong learning opportunity, so we hope that those who step up into membership will also step up into learning and growing in their faith. The class is a discussion about what our church believes based on the book "Being Lutheran." Don't worry, it's all grounded in Scripture—and there won't be a dull moment.

NewChurch Revolution

Adult Bible Study — Kemper Crabb
For anyone who wants to learn more.
A deeper dive into biblical theology and truth.

All classes start at 9am.
There is childcare up to 5th Grade (they'll play games and have fun while you make friends and learn stuff.)

(For mid-week Bible study, click here.)